The Port Authority of NY & NJ

The New York, New Jersey Port Authority stated that the UltraOne products were the best products ever used or tested in the history of the Lincoln and Holland tunnels. Every well- known cleaning product in the USA has at one time or another submitted their product to the Lincoln tunnel for cleaning consideration.

On Jan.28/02 UltraOne Corporation was awarded a sole source vendor for their entire cleaning needs.


United States Department of Agriculture

Test Date: November 26/97 - Food equipment test

Test Date: January: 30/98 - Product process area test Click here to view original statement


Boeing Aeronomics

Boeing 06-17487 - Test Date: January 23/95Comments: Conforms to all requirements.



McDonalds Restaurant

"The Ultra One G-5 product worked better cleaning the cooking grill and also had no fumes whatsoever to contend with. The Ultra One Industrial Clean product was used on all the floors and hard surface areas. the floors degreased faster and better without any streaking whatsoever..."


Boston Market Corporation

"Everywhere you spot cleaned around the restaurant now stands out like a sore thumb in a night and day appearance of being clean. We are also impressed with the no fumes given off any sort in either of your Ultra One cleaners when being used, plus your products also deoderized as they cleaned."